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A personal touch..

A personal touch..

I’m Sofia the owner and founder of Lucuma Boutique. From a young age, I knew I wanted my own clothing store. I had no idea what it would be called, exactly what pieces I would offer, but I began pinteresting my business cards, hangtags, and store set up, many years ago.


My father, Alberto, known as Al (spanish accent) would call me his partner in crime. We always went on adventures together, traveled around his country, and shared a passion for supreme experiences.
Whether it was a hotel stay at an exotic resort or going to the same restaurant gems. He always prioritized excellent service and human connection.
When trying to brainstorm for a name for my online store, I dedicated time to deep dive into my great memories of Al and our conversations. I thought about how when we would be in Peru, we would make it a routine to go to the ice cream store at Jockey Plaza and get Lucuma ice cream, a fruit native to Peru. Although he was diabetic, he would not compromise with his sweet tooth- yes, it’s hereditary. “It’s a fruit, so it’s better than chocolate” he'd add.


One year after losing my father to cancer, my son Ezra was born. I knew that it was time to create something of my own- you know, apart from a human. It was a new stage of my life and I felt like becoming a mom, motivated me more that ever.
These are the core components of Lucuma today.
We may not have Al here today, but regardless, I always knew he would be a part of my journey.


When shopping with Lucuma, you will quickly get to know me, my family, and my attention to detail. We are honest when asked for opinions, we value connection, + we value your business and want to make sure your experience is as supreme with us. 
Not only will you stock your closet with quality items but you will be able to return knowing you can trust us- our style, our taste, and our vision.












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